Export Products to China — Series One

Exporting products from the US is fairly straight forward. The complexities come at the other end. Importing into China is somewhat more complex.

In China, importers are restricted by the government to certain product categories. Importers must have licenses for the corresponding product categories. Importers may have more than one category approval. Gaining licenses can be a time consuming and costly process.

China classifies imports into three categories – Prohibited, Restricted and Permitted categories. Certain goods (e.g. wastes, toxic) are banned from being imported, while select products in the Restricted category are subject to quotas or licenses. An example of a Restricted category is dairy products. These require an “Automatic Import License” issued by China Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM).

Organic Products – China does not recognize USDA Organic Certifications. Therefore bringing organic products into China requires certification by organizations like the China Organic Food Certification Center. Certificates issued by the Center are annual, and need to be renewed each year.

Cosmetics — China restricts the importation and distribution of foreign cosmetics, and requires registration and testing prior to sale. The testing and approval process can take up to two years. Once the product is approved, each imported unit must receive an approved Chinese label over the original label. Prior to distribution, all imported products need to be inspected by AQSIQ (Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine).

An alternative way of exporting cosmetics without obtaining a China FDA license is to export in bulk. It can be bottled, labeled and packaged in our Free Trade Zone facility and shipped throughout the country. Our Subsidiary, Hangzhou Tongqiao Technolgy Co., has the full capabilities to import and package cosmetic products for sale in China. These locally packaged bulk products maintain the prestige and legal ability to be classified as imported goods.

This bulk import program also enjoys other significant advantages