Export & Distribution


Direct Import / Export Between Two Continents

1. Export

With direct import/export corporations in USA as well as China, Round Bridge is your bi-directional gateway to China. Encompassing all aspects of logistics, your freight is consigned locally at your dock, and Round Bridge does the rest.  Local USA freight, containerization, export docs, pro-forma invoices, port logistics, ocean or air freight, China import, duties, VAT, regulatory, and local delivery are all part of our no-hassle export program.

2. Value-Added Manufacturing

Value Added Manufacturing is one of the fastest growing segments of multi-national manufacturing. Exporting bulk product to China for packaging, or key components for assemblies, allows your greater control over production while maintaining substantial cost savings.  Additionally, when you combine our value-added manufacturing and our Free-Trade-Zone facilities you can enjoy extra benefits in duty, VAT, and cash flow, while still marketing USA-made products.

 3. Re-Import


Re-Import allows you to capitalize on the savings from Value Added Manufacturing by bringing the finished goods back to the US without paying redundant duties on previously exported raw materials. Keep in mind that return freight of the value added product is the same as you would pay for the overseas components alone, and the product is still classified as made in USA!iStock_000004314405Small1-300x199

4. China Sales and Distribution

Coupled with our international logistics, Round Bridge also provides local China sales and support with legitimate China distribution and e-commerce.  Through our Tobongo Shanghai Co.’s online/offline presence, Round Bridge allows convenient transactions in local China currencies and payment methods with our distribution network.  With our Free-Trade-Zone distribution facilities, Round Bridge provides faster customer delivery and local customer support. Combining our Value Added Manufacturing program with our China distribution gives your products the competitive edge to excel in the China market.

Online– our tobongo China website is a corss-border e-commerce platform which registered with China Customs for smooth product deliveries from overseas.  At the same time we are also penetrating other major e-commerce platforms in China, including TMall, JD and Amazon China.

image006Offline — We are expanding retail stores throughout China. We are selling imported products in 9 retail stores in east coast China, and number of stores are still increasing…IMG_0184Web

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